I'm Back

Thursday, March 31, 2005
I was going to write about Teri Schiavo but that has been done to death so instead I'll just write about my trip.

Sorry I've been silent for a few days. With travelling, getting back to work, and everything else its been hard to find time to blog.

So the trip was a success. I had a really good time seeing Jenny again. I've seen her now 3 times this year. Crazy. I'm going back in May for my reunions (although Jenny won't be there) so that will be 4 times in the past year I will have gone back to the east coast. I went back once in 3 years after I moved.

Seeing all my friends back in NY made me kind of miss it. I of course love my friends here but it is kind of different having friends you either knew growing up or knew in college. Of course the weather was awful and I don't miss that but otherwise I do miss it which just makes me think that I'm a grass is greener type of guy.

The plane ride back wasn't so good. I guess I just shouldn't fly US Air anymore. I haven't had too many good flying experiences with them. Don't really have too much else to say.