When is it cheating?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005
Busy at work so will keep this brief and maybe argue in the comments.

I think using steroids is cheating but in reading a Wired article the other day they brought up an interesting point. Why is it bad to take steroids to enhance your body but it is OK to get Lasik Surgery to improve your eyesight? The topic was on elective surgery and that there are techniques coming out that will improve a person's strength, flexibility, etc. if they so choose.

If you think about it logically, from a purely sports perspective, it is actually worse to get Lasik than to take steroids. Lasik no doubt helps athletes, I can attest to that fact. But this takes no work on the athletes part, just some time and money. Sports is about working hard to get better. Steroids don't just work magically, you still have to train to get the full benefits of taking them. It no doubts makes things easier and allows you to get further than you would otherwise but you can't sit on the couch and hope to look like Schwarzenegger.

Where is the line?