Worst Movie Ever?

Thursday, March 24, 2005
I may have just watched the absolute worst movie ever. 2001 Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. I hated it so much I'm certain that it is Jenny's favorite movie.

I had heard good things about this movie but having watched it I'm convinced it is one of those movies that one person told someone else that it was deep and meaningful. Not wanting to look stupid, every person after that decided they too wanted to be deep and smart so they swear that the movie is fantastic.

The movie just doesn't move. There is no plot and it makes no sense. It wasn't all that visually interesting. There were scenes that just dragged on absent of dialog, motion, and anything else even remotely pretending to be a point. I can take movies that nothing happens in but this just takes the cake. I am pretty lienent about movies. Heck, most of my Netflix ratings are 3 stars because I think most movies are OK. I may have like 5 1 star movies out of 700 or something like that. If I could give it a 0 I would.

And don't give me that you have to watch it several times to appreciate it. Any movie that is this bad the first time around is not worth a second run. It might not be the worse movie ever, but it's close.


Kat said...

i didn't like it either. when things move slowly and silently i get creeped out. imho, the one redeeming factor is hal.

i once configured my coworker dave's computer to say, "i can't do that dave" whenever he closed a program. muwahahaha!

Ryan said...

Have you read the book? I have not seen the movie, but I've heard it said that the movie was only intended for those who have read the book and makes no sense outside of it. Then again I've also other people who have also read the book say that the movie sucks. I guess it's just a difference in taste. It certainly is a polarizing movie. Which makes me want to see it.

susan said...

It probably is hard for people who grew up with Star Trek and Star Wars to appreciate 2001. But I saw it in 1968 and I was pretty amazed. And I loved watching it in 2001 w/ my daughter to try and determine just how much Kubrick got right. He was way off on the phones and the food.

Jen said...

I think that the production crew was stoned when they filmed it, so one needs to be stoned to watch it. I don't think that we sober folks have a chance of understanding it, book or no.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Susan in that it was better when it was about the future than when it is about days of future past. But even though I liked it back in the early 70's, I didn't love it because there was too much sybolisma nd not enough plot. I agree with Kathryn that HAL was the redeeming aspect.

Anonymous said...

The deliciously humdrum mundanity of the first portion is the requirement of the intelligence that planted the monolith there.

What do humans need to do to uncover TMA-1 which will send the signal to Jupiter?

They have to be able to get to the moon. In fact, not just get to the moon, but be so cavalier about trips to the moon as to detect and dig out a magnetic anomoly in one particular spot.