Albertson Trying to Rip Me Off

Wednesday, July 20, 2005
So I went to Albertsons today to get some snacks. I bought a Snapple and on my out the door I noticed that I was charged $3.00 for my Snapple. My ONE bottle of Snapple. I know there is such a thing as inflation but this was ridiculous. So I asked about it and it turns out that I was charged for a 6 pack. They refunded me the difference.

Now, I am one of those who doesn't check the receipt too carefully but now I'm a little worried. What if this happens to me all that time. Its completely possible. I could be losing a lot of money because I'm so lazy.


Kat said...

cox cable billed me $200 for a cablemodem i had already purchased. always look at the bill/receipt.

_kathleen_vincent_ said...

Hi! I am a scan coordinator at Albertson's which means my job is to ensure that every product in our store is scanning at the correct advertised price. The snapple bottle you bought originally belonged to a 6 or 12 pack as you were informed. The checker is supposed to use a PLU code for single snapple drinks that will charge $1.09 plus crv. Price inaccuracy happens all the time although in your case it was the checkers error. False advertising is completely unfair and many retailers prey on customers to not take the 3 minutes needed to verify their purchases. I apologize for Albertson's being your wake up call but at least now you know to be more cautious. =)