Kobe's New Nike Ad

Thursday, July 14, 2005
Kobe Bryant is in his first major National Advertising campaign since he was accused of rape in Colorado. Notice I put "accused" in bold because that was all that happened, he was accused. The state dropped all charges.

But wow. The Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault just gave a bad name for all Women's rights group. I'm a big supporter of women's rights. I think sexual assault is quite possibly the worse crime out there, even more so than murder. But I can not believe what this group is spouting. Their spokeswoman came out and said:

"We would ask corporations like Nike to act a little more responsibly. They really are creating a role model that millions of young kids across the world are going to see. They could have put up someone who is not only accomplished as an athlete but also is a person who has a reputation as a fine, upstanding citizen."

Are you kidding me? What is their beef with Kobe Bryant? Drop it already! Your Friggin state dropped the charges! And I don't want to hear anything about him being an adulterer. You know how many pro-athlete endorsers cheat on their wives. Try all of them. Shaq, Jordan all the big names have been shown to have cheated on their wives. I don't hear this woman group protesting anything about that.

If you don't like him as a person fine. If you think he is a bastard for cheating on his wife, great so do I. But for a national women's rights group to single out Kobe Bryant for something he was accused of and nothing more is just stupid on their part.


David Cho said...

He took a hit in the court of public opinion which is not governed by the court of law.

That is what you get when you are a celebrity.

T said...

Its not my point David. Yes, he took a hit in the PR department, that is what it is. But why does the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault, who is a women's advocacy group which speaks against violence against women, have any comment on Kobe Bryant? They shouldn't. He didn't sexually assault anyone.

Anonymous said...

T, I think it is more of a case of innocent-until-proven-guilty being changed to innocent-until-proven-guilty-or-the-media-manages-to-slam-you-enough.

That might be what Dave meant. Either way, I agree that if he was aquitted of the charges, everyone needs to move on or find new evidence to go to trial. Living in the past won't accomplish anything.