When Did I Become Old

Monday, July 11, 2005
I'm home from work today because I pulled a muscle in my lower back and it hurts to sit up for too long. This is actually the second time in the last month or so that this has happened to me and its quite painful.

I thought back problems only happen to old people. When the heck did I get old? I'm not sure what is causing all these back problems. I had no idea what I did last time. This time my back started to hurt when I had to reach over my desk to open the window. Nothing crazy but I felt a twitch in my back.

Sign, I wonder when I will have to start using a walking stick.


Kat said...

you'd better have kids before you're too old to bend down to pick them up.

David Cho said...

Is this a common theme now? Blogging about "old" people? Kath just did that. I did that.

Anonymous said...

see "how to prevent and reduce inflamation