Does Robert Horry Belong In the Hall of Fame?

Monday, June 20, 2005
Robert Horry is Clutch. He was clutch when he played for the Houston Rockets, He was clutch when he played with the Lakers (The 3-pointer against Sacramento still puts shivers down my spine whenever I see it), and last night he wrote a new chapter in his legacy.

Last night, Robert Horry took the San Antonio Spurs and put him on his back. He made play after play every time it looked like Detroit was going to pull away. If he wins a ring this year, it will give him a total of 6 with 3 different teams. In each of those championship runs, Robert Horry hit huge shots when it mattered most.

So the question arises, does Robert Horry belong in the Hall of Fame. On the surface most would say no. His overall game isn't that spectacular and the Hall should be reserved for the best of the best. But isn't Robert Horry the best clutch shooter of this generation? MJ was the best, but he is now gone and over the last 5 or 6 years, with the championship on the line, there probably isn't anyone else you want taking the shot other than Robert Horry.

But does being the best at one aspect of the game make you a Hall of Famer? Maybe not. But what if you are the best Defensive Player? The best shooter? There are plenty of people in the hall that were somewhat one-dimensional (especially on the defensive end). Robert Horry is the best when it means the most and that is as important in the game of basketball as being a great rebounder. I'm not so sure if I think he belongs in the Hall, I lean toward no. Otherwise, you might have categories like "Best at making the basket when fouled" or "Best Half Court Shooter". But clutch shooting is a vital part of the game, and the case for Horry is a compelling argument.