The First Laker Great

Monday, June 06, 2005
George Mikan died. For those who don't know who he was, he played for the Minneapolis Lakers and was the first big man to really dominate the post in the NBA. He will be sorely missed.

In other news, the Big Let Me Steal the Spotlight, otherwise known as Shaquille O'Neal, offered to pay for George Mikan's funeral. Before I get to that let me say how sad I think it is that George Mikan's family basically has no money. George Mikan is one of the all time NBA greats but played long before the multi-million dollar contracts and endorsement deals. He resorted to selling much of his memorabilia to get more money. Believing what I believe, I of course don't feel anybody is obligated to help him or his family but at the same time I would hope that those who earn the million dollar paychecks now understand how players like George magna made their lifestyle possible.

OK, back to the Big Never Was the Most Dominant Player. I think it is very nice that he has offered to pay for George Mikan's funeral. However, why did he have to make it so public and announce it on National TV? I believe the quality of a man's character is what he does in private but Shaq doesn't seem to ever get that. He makes big spectacles of his charitable acts like announcing this on TV and by donating toys to kids by rolling up in a truck with his face painted on the side and with the camera's rolling. Further, why did he have to have the magna family call the Heat office? Why couldn't he just call them himself, I assure you he can get their number, and offer to pay for it discreetly? Not that he is a role-model but I didn't see Dennis Rodman announce on National TV that he would pay for James Byrd's funeral. Sure it was discovered that he did, but Dennis Rodman himself didn't come out and say it.

I am not really trying to demean Shaq's charitable contributions. I'm glad that he is giving to charity for whatever reason that he is. If he wants to get publicity for doing charitable acts, all the more power to him, just don't make him out to be a completely selfless man.


Kat said...

i agree - he didn't have to make a huge public deal about it.