Unhappy with Cingular

Monday, June 27, 2005
So I've been on Cingular the last few months and have to say I'm not overly happy with them.

The first thing that annoyed me was the fact that they force you to input your passcode when you try to retrieve your messages from your own phone. I've had Sprint and T-Mobile before, and neither service forces you to enter your password.

But that is only when I found out that if you make a call at 8:59 pm., 1 minute before your night time minutes start, and it last for 120 minutes, you get charged 120 anytime minutes. Now maybe the other companies work this way too, but because I had the least amount of anytime minutes I have ever had, and because they started at 9:00 rather than 8:00 (as they did with my other services) I noticed it more.

But the kicker. What the hell is up with the taxes and fees? I'm on the $39.99 plan but it ends up being $50. Taxes and fees were nowhere near that with my other services. I was on the $39.99 plan with T-Mobile and my bill ended up about $45. WTF?


Kat said...

i don't like them either...especially since i was forced to switch when they bought at&t. i still have my at&t plan though. mwahahahaha!

David Cho said...

Rollover minutes are nice though. I use it all the time for my business.