Wednesday, June 08, 2005
Last night I had multiple nightmares. What was odd was that I would wake up, go back to sleep, and then have a completely unrelated nightmare. I don't often have nightmares, almost never, so something must have been going on to cause me to have this string of nightmares. I'm not particularly stressed or worried about anything and physically I feel pretty healthy so whatever the cause may be I'm certainly not aware of it.


Ryan said...

Were there not even common themes? Strange. If I have multiple nightmares they are normally continuations of each other. Eat something new yesterday?

T said...

No, pretty much unrelated except for the fact that I was in danger in each of them. I don't remember them all too well but I think in one I was running for my life from something and in another a building was falling apart around me. Just stuff like that.

Kat said...
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David Cho said...

Aren't people's real lives supposed to be the polar opposite of their dreams?

For example, I dream about Nicole Kidman. In reality, it will never happen.

That means your life is a bed of roses.