Gratuitous Violence

Wednesday, June 22, 2005
I watched King Arthur the other night and have to say I wasn't impressed. Not only was the story pretty bad but I thought the violence in the movie was a little much and totally unnecessary.

I'm definitely not one who rants against the moral degredation of Hollywood. I think violence in movies is fine so long as it is done with a purpose. But this move just didn't need it. Not only wasn't it needed but it was just done badly. When they chopped people's heads off it just didn't look all that realistic.

Oh, and I decided that I'm not a fan of Clive Owen. After seeing him in Closer, and now this, he just seems like one of those really sketchy guys who tries to pick up underage girls at the bars. First he did it with my girl Natalie, and then he went after Keira. Then again, in closer his character was supposed to be sketchy so maybe he is a really good actor.


Kat said...

oh yeah. hated it.

Ryan said...

It was, indeed, an atrocious movie. Poor in acting, script, directing, costumes, and every other way. Though, I do think clive owen's creepiness is just his acting. He wasn't creepy in the other movies i've seen with him and seemed to do a fine job.