An Evil Movie

Thursday, September 08, 2005
I watched a truly evil movie last night. I rented Before Sunset with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. It was the sequel to a 1995 movie called Before Sunrise which I actually saw when it first came out 1995. Most people would probably not enjoy the movies. There is absolutely no action in either movie. The movies are a character study; you learn about two people, their beliefs, desires, etc. and that is it. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the movies despite the lack of action however this last movie was just evil. I am about to give away plot elements in both movies so if you plan on watching them in the future stop reading.

In the first movie, Hawke meets Delpy on a train to Vienna. They decide to spend the night walking around the city and talking. The next train leaves in the morning so they have until "Before Sunrise". They instantly hit it off and it is clear that their is a strong chemistry there. They both have obligations that must take them away but they agree to meet again 6 months later. They exchange no other personal information and decide to let fate take its course. If they both show up, so be it. If one person doesn't, than it was never meant to be. The first movie ends with them parting ways, the audience has no idea what ever happened.

The second movie is staged nine years later. Hawke has become a successful author by authoring a book about that fateful night. At his last stop in Paris, Delpy comes to the book store to find Hawke, she happened to see his picture on a poster in the bookstore and knew it was him. The audience finds out that Delpy never made it to the meeting spot; her grandmother died only days before and the funeral was on the day of the meeting. Hawke on the other hand made it and was heart broken that Delpy did not. They pick up where they left off. They walk around the streets of Paris just talking about what has transpired the past nine years. This time, they only have until "Before Sunset" when Hawke must catch a flight back home.

You find out that Hawke is now married with a son he deeply loves. However, his marriage is loveless. You can tell that he still pines for Delpy and regrets that she was the one who got away. At first Delpy acts strong. She pretends that night didn't mean too much to her. But as the movie progresses you learn that indeed that she too regrets not meeting up with Hawke. The movie continues to build up the tension until the final scene where Hawke is in Delpy's apartment. Having just sung a song to Hawke about that night, Delpy prepares a cup of tea and begins another story. In the middle of the story the movie just ends.

WTF? You wait nine years to find out what happened in the first movie and they go and do it again. You have no idea what actually happens in that apartment. Did they hook up? Did he remain faithful to his wife? I can't believe I fell for it again. If they ever come out with a movie called "Before Dusk" or something like that I'm not watching it ..... OK, maybe just to figure out what happened this time.


susan said...

I loved those movies. Both of them. I can't wait for Before Dusk to come out. :-) In this case I liked that the movie allows you to make up your own ending.

Environment Man said...

Interesting review. We review movies too:

Anonymous said...

Never seen them, but it would be more complex and interesting if the guy was not in a "loveless" marriage where you can just dismiss the cold, faceless, unseen partner.
Also, sadly, it would seem that before sunset and before sunrise pretty much covers the day.
Sunrise, sunset
sorry, guy, s'all ya get
no sequels

John said...

that was me - now I'm not anonymous any more