Kitty For Sale

Monday, September 12, 2005

I have a kitty for sale. He is a male, three years old, very playful, toilet trained, and will sit on command. If you know a good home for him, please let me know.

This week has not been a good week for me cat-wise. I spent most of my Saturday stuck up a tree, literally. I decided to be a good owner and take Bandit for a walk in the park. When we got there he was a little scared and darted for the nearest tree. Before I could get him he was half way up the tree. If only my problems ended there. He then proceded to keep going up the tree. If you know cats, you know its much easier for them to go up than down.

Try as I might for the next hour or so, Bandit, would not come down. I couldn't leave him there because we were at a park far from home and he has no collar; so if I left, I ran the chance of never seeing him again. So I decided to go up the tree after him. And before you say something, neither the Fire Station, Humane Society, or the Police will come get your cat for you. We called.

By the time I started climbing the tree Bandit was at the highest point in the tree. The branches were much thinner and barely supporting his weight. I am hoping that if I go up the tree Bandit will come down part way, no luck. I am literally 18-20 feet in the air at this point in a very awkward and difficult to hold position but Bandit will not budge. I have to go up the next level of the tree, nothing I'm keen on doing as this is a very thin part of the trunk. Bandit starts motioning toward me but his grip on the tree is precarious at best. Several times, he almost loses his grip. Finally, after about 30-40 minutes in the tree, I'm able to reach out to him and bring him down. You should have seen Bandit, he was very scared until I was able to get him and very grateful as I was brought him down the tree.

But the fun doesn't end there. Yesterday I let Bandit out in the back yard. Big mistake. As I pick him up to bring him in, he isn't too happy. He starts hissing at me. That isn't so bad, I'm use to it, but then he decides to take it a step further. The stupid cat takes both his front paws and swipes at my face; his claws, scratching my face.

So there you have it. If you want a kitty I have one. I'm not asking much so make me an offer.


T said...

And no, I'm not really getting rid of Bandit.

susan said...

I wouldn't think so! I'm sure he is thinking he has a human for sale who took him to a strange neighborhood and then let him get scared so he had to run up a tree.

Kat said...

i'll trade you two kittens for bandit.