My Old URL

Thursday, September 22, 2005
I'm so embarrassed. If anyone remembers my old URL go visit it. It has turned into a site with a bunch of hardcore links. No, I won't link to it as I try and keep my name out of this blog and I don't want to support hardcore p*rn.

In similar news, the FBI is looking for people to join its P*rn Squad. No joke. It seems that the FBI thinks this is a high priority as Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales and the Director of the FBI Robert S. Mueller III want to root out all this obscenity.

Can you believe this? I mean it's not like they are going after people who engage in child p*rnography. They are going after everyday p*rn that many Americans watch all the time. P*rn people! One of the largest legal industries in the United States. Two consenting adults engaging in an act everyone does, they just happen to do it in front of a camera.

I'm not advocating everyone go out and watch p*rn. But seriously, do we need the government spending resources to stop this? In the wake of the Katrina disaster, the Iraq war, and ballooning budget deficits, does the FBI really need to waste money trying to stop perfectly legal activities. Here is a clue people. The industry is HUGE. It has revenues estimated to be $57 Billion world wide. That means a lot of people are watching it and paying for it. That means that in all likelihood, your next door neighbor or your best friend watches it. If the FBI wants to hunt down these people, why not just investigate its own agents, because I guarantee you a large percentage of them watch it.


Amanda said...

Poor T. I feel your pain.