Waiting to Get a New TV

Friday, September 09, 2005

I want a new TV. I wouldn't mind the one on the left, the Sony Qualia 70" which retails for about $10,000. More realistically I would accept the one next to it, the 50" Samsung DLP which retails for around $3,000. Both sets are absolutely gorgeous.

For a technology geek like myself my TV is very embarassing. It is relatively small and quite old, about 11 years. I have been eyeing a few new TV's but have now decided to wait. With new
technology like HDTV it's all about how long can you hold out. I almost went and bought a new TV this weekend when a strange green blob showed up on my TV screen. But after I turned the
TV off and then on again the green spot went away, and thus no new TV.

Why the wait?

*** WARNING: Technology Geek Speak Next! ***

So I'm waiting because HDTV is still in a state of change. Until this summer, HDTVs were sold supporting either 720p or 1080i. The number refers to the number of scan lines it supports (higher being better resolution) and the "p" and the "i" stating whether it is progressive or interlaced (progressive being better). So while 720p has less resolution, it displays all the pixels at once where as 1080i has better resolution but must draw the screen twice.

Now comes along 1080p (nicknamed Ultra-HD). The best of both worlds. And according to some, the picture it is capable of creating is nothing short of spectacular. As of now, there is really no source material capable of displaying at 1080p, but considering I plan on having this next TV for at least 10 years I don't want my new TV to be dated to quickly.

*** End of Geek Speak ***

That combined with the fact that HDTV flat panel prices are falling rapidly due to large supplies and you have the fact that I'm going to try and sit out a little longer; hopefully this time next year I will finally take the plunge.