Blockbuster Late Fees

Thursday, January 20, 2005
Some people just amaze me. I saw an article today about a bitter former Blockbuster renter. She did not care that Blockbuster eliminated its Late Fees. She saw it as a last-ditch attempt to woo back customers it is losing to Wal-mart and Netflix. She was upset at Blockbuster because it would charge her a late fee for returning a movie one day late.

The audacity! I mean really. Imagine the nerve of someone charging you a fee, which you agreed to in your contract, for basically taking advantage of their business. I mean it was only a day late right? What is one movie one day late? Please people. If you don't like late fees I have an idea, DON'T RETURN YOUR MOVIES LATE. Novel idea I know. I've rented lots of movies at Blockbuster, I don't think I ever returned one late. I rent a movie, watch a movie, return the movie the next day. If I happened to not get to it and need to return it late so be it. I would be happy to pay the late fee; I would not expect Blockbuster to pay for my change in plans.