Dodger Fans Are the Worst

Thursday, January 13, 2005
I swear, Dodger fans are the worst fans on the planet. They can't stop complaining.

Let me remind everyone of something. The Dodgers have won EXACTLY ONE post-season game in the lsat 16 years. Yet for some reason all the Dodger fans are upset because the Dodgers have basically completely rebuilt the team in the offseason. They let most of their popular players go including Adrian Beltre, Sean Green, and Jose Lima and have added players like J.D. Drew, Jeff Kent, and Derek Lowe.

This is a team that last year was expected by most to finish dead last in their division, and they actually came in first! Give the new team some time. Besides, what are you holding on to? It isn't like this was the Yankees or Red Sox who have won something. ONE GAME! It isn't like the Lakers who tore apart a dynasty. Quit holding on to your mediocre team.