Traditional New Year Gym Rant

Friday, January 07, 2005
I think I complain about this every year so I'm going to do it again. I hate going to the gym after the New Year. For the first few weeks in January there are always more people in the gym than usual trying to fulfill their New Year's pledge to get in shape.

Then February rolls around and all of a sudden people realize that going to the gym is real work and that you actually have to be committed to going. Just doing it on a whim doesn't really work.

For all you people who crowd the gyms in January, only to disappear by February, why don't you save everyone some time and come back when you are truely committed to getting in shape. You can start by putting down that donut.


Kat said...

when i was at the gym the other night, i was thinking about how you and i both rant about the gym every january. heh. now i don't have to post.

Jen said...

Thought of you when I read this:

Gym Rules

Kat said...

those are the BOMB.