Are You a Better Fan If You are Poor?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005
I keep hearing how "true" fans are the ones who buy the seats in the nosebleed sections of games. I just don't get this perspective.

I have spent most of my life in the nosebleeds. The one regular season Laker game I went to I could barely make out the court and it was impossible to tell who was who except for Shaq because his butt was so big who else could it be?

But over the years I have started to earn more money and now if I went to the Laker game I could probably afford a ticket in the lower bowl. As I have earned money have I become less of a fan? Absolutely not. But I follow a lot of fan forums and all I hear is how management is sticking it to the "real" fans because they keep raising prices.

I'm a real fan. I cheer on the Lakers this year despite the fact that they suck. I've stuck with the Dodgers despite the fact that everyone gave up on them even before the season started. Now that I have money I'm a worse fan? That makes no sense.

I just don't understand how the amount of money I have in my pocket translates to my love for a team on the field but it just seems to be common knowledge that the "true" fans are those who have the least money and that ownership should cater to these "real" fans by keeping prices low.


Kat said...

i don't think a true laker fan would make fun of shaq's big butt. *snicker*

Kat said...

also, just because you buy nosebleed tickets doesn't mean you're poor.