New Cell Phone

Tuesday, April 19, 2005
I got a new cell phone last week. I switched carriers and it was surprisingly not that bad.

I think T-mobile must be made up of a bunch of idiots. First off I wasn't particularly happy with some of their coverage. Its no big deal to me since I don't use my cell phone that much but for others I'm sure it is.

Second, I've been a very good customer for them. Over the past two years I was on their $40 plan and getting 1000 minutes anytime. I have, on average, used about 150 minutes a month Anytime and maybe another 150 whenever minutes. They were making a killing off of me. I went to them first to see if they would give me a new phone but all the T-mobile phones sucked. I then asked if they would either give me a phone credit or get me a particular phone that they had but were not offering to people who did upgrades, only to new subscribers. They said no. I told them I would cancel if their answer was no, and since it was I switched.

I mean really. Every cell phone company has their problems but I was trying to bend over backwards to stay a customer and they simply ignored it. I could understand if someone like Netflix didn't want me back, as I probably cost them money (not lately though, I think I've gotten off their "Heavy User" list) but I'm sure T-Mobile was making money off of me hand over fist. Oh well.

The whole number portability thing is fantastic. It took about 2.5 hours after the request was made for my new carrier to get my number and for me to have service. Not too bad. Here is my new phone, the Nokia 6230. It has WAY too many features. It has a built in MP3 player, a radio, Bluetooth, it can take videos, and a slot for a MMC card. The one annoying thing is that I can't set an individual ringtone for each caller that comes in. That always helped me know who was calling without having to actually look at my phone. The other thing I don't like is that when the key-pad lock is on and you press a button the phone does not light up. This is useful when it is dark and all I really want to do is know the time. But other than that, the phone isn't too bad.