Gym Etiquette: Other equipment

Thursday, April 14, 2005
For the love of god, do not put your stuff on a piece of equipment you are not using. Use a locker, put it on the floor next to you, but please do not take up a piece of equipment to put your cell phone, book, and whatever garbage you shouldn't have anyway on a piece of equipment someone might want to use.

I don't care how empty the gym is or how incoveinent it might be to put it somewhere else.


Anonymous said...

I concur. One of the few things that irritate me when I am at the gym is people who "save" a piece of equipment --and--then disappear to work on something else!! grrrr. Though to be fair, I often space out while using equipment--then realize that someone is patiently waiting for me to get my lazy spaced a#% out of the way.
jen m.

Anonymous said...

And the other one... I don't care who you are and how little you think you sweat... WIPE OFF THE EQUIPMENT YOU ARE DONE!!! This goes double for the gym bunnies (especially the ones will face full of make up and the designer gym outfit).