Tiger Woods is the Man

Monday, April 11, 2005
Tiger Woods won his fourth Masters and ninth Major overall yesterday.

I love watching Tiger Woods. I know some people don't like watching him BECAUSE he is so good and they complain about one person (or team) dominating so much. But I love dominance in sports. I love watching greatness. I don't care for parity, I want to watch someone who is just head and shoulders above the rest. Did you see that chip on 16? It was ridiculous.

At some point I'm going to have to go to a golf tournament that Tiger Woods is in. When I was younger I always wanted to go to a Bulls game because I knew that Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player that ever lived and it isn't often you can see something like that in person. Unfortunately I never really had the resources as a kid to be able to go to any games but now I don't think I can pass up watching perhaps the soon-to-be greatest golfer play live.


Kat said...

the pga goes through vegas.

Amanda said...

I saw him once. His concentration was amazing. But even more amazing were the scores of abolutely silent, polite, well-mannered child fans who neatly lined up for thier idol's autograph. If I ever have kids, I'm making them play golf. I've never seen so many quiet children outside of a "children of the corn" movie. Oh. Topic - Sports geniuses are always awesome to watch.