Barry Bonds and Steroids

Wednesday, February 23, 2005
I hate Barry Bonds. I hate the San Francisco Giants. I hope Barry Bonds never hits another home run again.

All that being said, I think he gets treated unfairly by the media. The guy is a jerk, no doubt about it and in some way deserves what he gets. But I'm sick and tired of everyone getting on him about steroids. Look, I think he did them. He admitted using a cream by accident but I do believe that he probably used steroids extensively and that has attributed to his crazy home run totals.

But come on. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Has the guy ever failed a drug test? No. That's because baseball turned a blind eye to the problem even though it is clear they knew about the problem as long as 20 years ago. I blame baseball, not Barry Bonds. No doubt taking steroids is cheating but players cheat all the time. It doesn't make it right but at the same time I won't condemn him until there is indisputable proof he did take them.


Anonymous said...

An accused person is presumed innocent by the Justice System until proven guilty. But, come on, it is more likely than not that he used tham. And I don't believe he "accidently" used them. He correctly points out that steroids never improved anyones hand/eye coordination and ability to hit the ball. But I believe it's more likely than not that distance WAS affected and his home run total (and Mark McGwire's) in unfairly inflated as compared to honest hitters like Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth. Ruth was fueled by alcohol nad gluttony. Wow, how many would he have if he juiced with steroids instead of gin?

T said...

John, obviously this isn't a court of law and I was not trying to imply that it is. I'm simply stating that there is no proof that Bonds took steroids. I just don't think you can bash a guy without proof.

Like I said, I believe he did it. I believe he did it purposefully. But just because I "believe" it doesn't make it true. Without proof, I think everyone needs to just lay off the guy.

Anonymous said...

I realize you were saying that, even outside the courts, we should not condem him without proof. I disagree. I have no qualms about bashing him. If somehow it is proven that he did not take steroids, I'll says "sorry". He won't care either way. As for the press, it's like the scorpion and the frog. The press can't help reporting "facts" before they are known and jumping on scandals like dogs on a bone; it's just their nature.