Making Mistakes

Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Believe it or not I make mistakes and I make a lot of them.

There is a perception that I think I am always right, I don't think this blog helps that image as I like to argue about things that others, especially those who read this blog, don't always agree with. I like to argue for argument sake; what I see as entertaining others find very frustrating. This is why I refuse to argue with certain people. I have learned that some people hate to argue with me, you know who you are.

I am sure that I have annoyed enough people and lost a few potential friends with this behavior. Others, initally put off by this attitude, have stuck around long enough to realize that this is just one side of my personality, and by no means the most dominant. To those of you that this is true for, thank you for sticking around to get to know the real me.

Nothing is perfect, especially not me. I make mistakes all the time. Unlike some people I know, I have even failed :) I may not get things right the first time, but I learn quickly and am usually much better the second time around.

So for anyone who has ever gotten mad at me for making some crazy argument or for starting the argument in the first place, please forgive me. I love a good argument, but I would never choose one over a worthwhile person.


T said...

Sorry Jen, had to repost which deleted your comment. Yes, I did receive my socks back thanks. And thanks for returning them so carefully packaged :)

Ryan said...

But, wouldn't a worthwhile person be able to appreciate you, arguements and all? I say, keep arguing. You're a good arguer. You make good points and bring a new perspective. You raise some interesting topics. The arguments are what yours one of my favorite blogs to read. And to argue on :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What are you afraid of, the truth?

T said...

No, I'm definitely not afraid of the truth. I do however have a problem with people who post comments without leaving any sort of idea who they are, without saying anything close to constructive, and are completely off topic. If you want to bash me for something I said, please bash in the appropriate topic.

T said...


Yeah, you are one who can argue about a topic without getting overly emotional in the process. You also bring very good and relevant points to most of my more controversial topics.

But not everyone is like that and not everyone knows me. It can be especially off putting to people who just meet you. While I agree somewhat that a "worthwhile" person would be able to accept this, I don't know if it is so black and white.

I've known plenty of people I just don't like at first that after getting to know them turn out to be good people. Usually the circumstance is such that I only interact with these people on an involuntary basis, I work with them, mutual friends, etc., but after given a second chance I like these people much more. I might have never become friends with these people if I went off my first impression.

Kat said...

i think anonymous is a blog troll.