Only Gay Men Watch the Oscars

Monday, February 28, 2005
Or so Chris Rock proclaimed. Funny, at my Sunday Basketball game almost every guy left to go watch the Oscars. Believe me, most of these guys are definitely not gay. Then again Chris Rock did add a caveat, men who are NOT in the business and I guess most of the guys I play with are.

All that being said I did not watch the Oscars last night but I'm glad that Jaime Foxx won. He has come a long way since his In Living Color Days playing Wanda. I did get to watch Ray this weekend and have to say he did an Amazing job portraying Ray Charles. He also did a great job in Collateral but I totally agree that Morgan Freeman deserves to get an Oscar, one of the great supporting actors to come along in a long time.


Ryan said...

The attention to Rock's statement really bugs me. What he actually said was, "what straight black man sits there and watches the Oscars?" The media predictably zoomed in on the word "straight" and modified his statement in a million headlines. The director of GLAAD even stepped in to point out that his statement wasn't primarily about gay people. But getting media hounds to let go of a juicy misquote is like wrestling a meatbone from a bulldog. One could just as easily take from his statement that only lighter skinned people watch the oscars. But, the media continue to giggle and sputter, "tee hee, he made fun of gay people."

Kat said...

i don't like chris rock. that's why i didn't watch the oscars. he is NO billy crystal.

Jenny said...

I didn't even hear about the Oscars here until I was driving on the Henry Hudson Parkway the night of the show. I find that very interesting, as I would have heard a gazillion times more about the show for the two weeks leading up to it.