The Pressure

Tuesday, February 15, 2005
So today is Tuesday, which means Jenny Smith will be reading my blog. What to write, what to write.

Can I just write how ridiculous it is that I can not afford a home in Southern California. Prices are outrageous. Any sort of decent Condo around the Pasadena area has an asking price in the mid 300's. Houses start somewhere in the 400's. That's outrageous. With some creative financing I can probably afford it but come on now. It scares me to think how some families are affording to buy homes out here; they must really be stretching themselves thin.

I on the other hand refuse to be stretched so thin. Considering my family history I have a need to always be prepared for the worst. That is why I have a very large cash reserve in case something bad happens. If I stretch myself too thin in buying a house there is that constant fear in me that I will need that cash. I've really never had such an emergency but it only takes one. Yes I know, I can get a 0% loan and do all sorts of other things, but that doesn't sit well with someone who is as financially risk adverse as I am, at least when it comes to large purchases.


Jenny said...

LOL - Good thing you posted that before I came to visit, since it is Tuesday. :)

House prices in So. Cal. are ridiculous and I am amazed that the demand is still so high. Eventually it must come down, no?