Netflix Complaining

Thursday, February 24, 2005
I swear this isn't a Netflix all the time blog but after my last post about Netflix I have to change my opinion slightly.

The service I've been getting since my last post took a nosedive. Its like Netflix read my post, figured out who I was, and decided to just piss me off even though I wrote a relatively nice post. First, the number of DVD's I get has slowed to a crawl. Before I would be able to get 2 turnarounds a week. On the 3 out at a time that is 6 DVD's a week more or less, probably more like 4.5 a week. But now I'm lucky to be getting 3 a week. I haven't slowed down my movie watching but Netflix is now processing and shipping my DVD's next day. It use to be that I return on Saturday, the get it and ship Monday, get new disks Tuesday. Now it is like ship Saturday , get on Tuesday, ship Wednesday, get new disk Thursday. The icing on the cake happened yesterday when they shipped me a DVD that had a HUGE crack in it. Quite literally the DVD was broken all the way through to the center. Maybe it was the Post office's fault but if Netflix shipped this DVD (they are supposed to inspect them before they go out) then WTF?

OK, so I can understand throttling me a little more. I don't like it but now I'm starting to think it is just completely unfair. Not getting a movie on top of my queue is one thing, getting worse service is another. It is like going to the all-you-can-eat buffet but the restaurant telling you because you are fat and can eat more than others you not only don't get the same choices of food everyone else does but you can only get one plate every hour. Oh and for this privilege you get to pay the same as everyone else.

Again, I'm not enraged at the situation, if I were I would cancel my service. But I'm not so sure I can give Netflix an endorsement either.


Kat said...

could they have reached a saturation point at your distribution center? maybe they are oversubscribed and need to open a new one to service your area.

Anonymous said...

Hey T, If it makes you feel any better, I've had Netflix for about a month, and I am experiencing the same problem. Very slow return and shipping. Argh!!
jen m.

susan said...

T, sorry to tell you but my Blockbuster shipping is actually improving even though I wasn't really complaining. I'm getting 3 day turnaround all of a sudden. I have 3 discs now and don't know when I'll get a chance to watch them all. Plus my 2 freebie coupons for in store rental are waiting for me to use them.