Friday, February 18, 2005
My company use to occupy most of our current building. However, because we haven't been doing well, we have moved out of the east part of the building. The vacated part of the building is where my group use to occupy and where I started out with the company. I barely saw the west side of the building and that was because it was on the way to my car. Yesterday, they repainted the east wing and it is now empty and ready for someone new to occupy it.

Seeing the empty, newly painted hallway makes me kind of sad. I remember when I first came to the company. I had such high hopes for it. I thought the technology we were working on was cutting edge. The people I interviewed with and eventually worked with were bright and dedicated. The culture of the company was great. We were going to build a great product and I was going to be on the ground floor of it all. Going to a small company can be risky for someone like me. Not only is there a greater chance of failure but it can hurt your long term career prospects as the name isn't as recognized.

But it was a risk I was willing to take. The great thing about a small company is the chance to make it grow. I'm the type of person who wants to dare to do something great and meaningful. But now, that part of my life is over and it is kind of sad. I still plan to work for a company and make it grow, whether it is in my current job or the next. But looking down that empty white hallway, and the end of which lies the past, can only make someone like me a little nostalgic.


Jenny said...

Hm. Yes, I can see how you would be nostalgic for that. It would have been really neat if that project that you were working on would have worked out.

David Cho said...

Thanks for the news. So the executive and HR offices have all been vacated, I take it?

My memories there although it lasted less than 2 years will always be treasured.