I Love DVDs

Monday, February 07, 2005
I'm watching Garfield, which ended up not as bad as I expected. There was a scene where Odie is locked out of the house by Garfield (which was actually quite sad) and he ends up chasing a bunch of cars.

As he is running down the street I swear the place looked oddly familiar. I paused and went backward and clear as can be is the 4th Dimension and Old Town Pizza in Downtown Monrovia. It was only a brief scene but sure enough it was Monrovia and pretty easy to tell since you can pause DVD's so clearly.


Anonymous said...

So by being a huge netflix (ab)user you have managed to get to the dregs of the renting world. What's next? Watching Gigli?

Jenny said...

You rented Garfield?!

T said...

Alright alright. Yes I rented Garfield. Hey, I get something like 17 DVDs a month. You start running out of things to rent. It really wasn't all that bad though.